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饾尯 Cutting Edge Sound and Music 饾尯

Cristian Vogel

鈥. is a long-term innovator in the design, composition and performance of electronic sounds. His professional career as an independent creator working in advanced music and technology, has established him as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio. Cinematic Synchs: 銉籛estWorld (HBO) 銉籈NTER THE VOID (Gaspar Noe / Wild Bunch) 銉籋ands (Sony Playstation Shoot! and Shorts International)

Mind Control

What is Mind Control? Making people believe by shaping what they hear; a sonata for the age of acceleration morphosis; a music born under punches. Play at any required speed. Cristian Vogel is a life-long innovator in the design, composition and performance of electronic sounds. His independent career in music and audio technology has won prizes and awards establishing him as an outstanding influence in the field of composition for studio, club culture and stage. He performs, remixes and produces original music and sound design at an international level. He has lived in Brighton, Barcelona, Berlin and Geneva and is now permanently based in Copenhagen where he continues creating technologically based music, sound and audio technology at his design studios Ekometic and NeverEngineLabs. credits All music written and produced by Cristian Vogel, Copenhagen. Artwork: Federico Gargaglione. Art direction and design: Don Wyrm. EP executive producer: The Restless Worm.

Rebirth of Wonky

'Rebirth Of Wonky' represents a power to re-define ourselves through music, through creative pursuits , through love, through imagination and through sonic culture. Cristian Vogel's 25th album started off as a blueprint for a new style. Research and recording began in March 2020 and was completed in October. Musical styles used to emerge from complex synergies unfolding within people and spaces as a certain music embraces them and shapes them. What happens to an audience, and what happens in the studio are linked through style and identity. This album, like so many in 2020, has been crafted through solitude, anxiety and hope. Audiences are distant, yet still yearn for music in their lives. On the other hand, many creators are virtually erupting as a need to be heard. It remains to see what dancing synergies and styles will bloom in 2021 and beyond. We are sure that the 'Rebirth of Wonky' will be one of the defining post-clubbing albums of the year.

鈥筍脴S鈥 Gunver Ryberg

... is an award winning composer, sound artist and live performer known for her releases and also her extensive compositional and soundtrack work for video games, films, international theatre and dance productions and installations. She has been awarded several times for her music and significantly a BAFTA nomination for her work on the multi award winning video game INSIDE. In 2020 her film score for Cutterhead was awarded the Carl Prize, a Danish national award for best composer of the year as well as a number of international nominations and prizes in the indie film space. Discover more about Gunver's prolific work and outstanding achievements on her web site. https://sosgunverryberg.com

Endless Process is proud to present the Carl Prize winning soundtrack composed by S脴S Gunver Ryberg for Rasmus Kloster Bro鈥檚 film 鈥楥utterhead鈥. The thriller deals with a catastrophe during the construction of the new Copenhagen Metro system. The music score won Best Music Prize at the French Film Festival 鈥楶remiers Plans鈥 in 2019 and the film has won a number of festival awards. The soundtrack is challenging like the film鈥檚 subject matter and yet the music establishes its own unique emotional impact with the listener. Fans of S脴S鈥檚 epic soundscapes in the BAFTA Award winning video game 鈥業NSIDE鈥 will immediately connect with the powerful textures which stir up profound emotions as they contrast with deceptively simple melodic motifs.

Bj酶rn Svin

2 Point 5 Step Pets

Bj酶rn Svin is a Danish music producer. The characteristic music and concert style he has been developing since the early 90s is cherished by many fans in Scandinavia. His dedication to detail in the studio really comes across in his work. He has invested years to master the studio technology needed to reach a form of melodic, rhythmic and timbral perfection. Endless Process is proud to have as its debut, his deepest and most personal al- bum to date. Its called 鈥2 point 5 step pets鈥 and was composed, recorded and mixed between Berlin and Copenhagen over the last couple of years. Its long durations and evolving pathways up and down the sonic spectrum, gives the music a spatial geometry both deep and wide, extending horizontally through recorded time and towering vertically through the full frequency range. We get to ride trains underwater ( reswim ) or roller coasters through air bubbles ( torden- tracket ) . There鈥檚 even a 鈥榢urzstrecke鈥 towards some kind of brand new love ( bus to get her ). Fans of Bj酶rn鈥檚 concerts and output, will appreciate the extension of his signature production styles 鈥 complex interwoven polyphony and multi-layered grooves, al- ways with a welcoming and inviting artistry.


Cristian Vogel and Elektro Guzzi met in 2013 to perform together at the avant-garde-music festival 鈥榝mRiese鈥 in Wattens/Austria. In a 3 days rehearsal and recording session they were looking for ways to combine their sonic worlds and came up with loads of fresh ideas and exciting new music . These 4 tracks are the distillate of that highly inspiring session and finally found their way from the hard-disks into the real world, where they belong.

ELEKTRO GUZZI 鈥 combine club music and live performance to a unique, energetic mixture. They overcome the rigid boundary of analog versus digital, unifying the human being with his machines in an unprecedented way and surprising the listener with their innovative productions.


Hanno Leichtmann known for his long career in electronic music creation as Static, Syste虁me or under his real name, and also with many more collaborations (Groupshow, Denseland, HLVT), brings his new solo album to Endless Process. Originally composed for the 4D Sound system during his residency at the Institute of Spatial Sound in Budapest, this stereo version has maintained a quirky spatial rhythm exploration, which never quite lets the listener settle into a comfortable groove. Produced by a minimalistic exploration of the parameter space transformations which can occur when voltage signals are Offset in a modular synthesiser patch. Hence the title. Music written and produced by Hanno Leichtmann Recorded during august 2017 at 4 D sound / SSI Budapest Mixed and compiled 2019 at static music, Berlin Mastered by Cristian Vogel Cover art by Toby Cornish


Set and Setting is the first full length album from Vancouver based audiovisual duo The Automatic Message released on Cristian Vogel鈥檚 label Endless Process Recordings. Set and Setting is a concept album that takes the listener on an epic journey from the beginning of time, through the formation of the Earth to the rise of conscious beings and the acceleration of our intelligence, as well as our arrogance. It takes us beyond the present, where the world as we know it ceases to exist 鈥 AI technology has taken over and what people are left have been left devoid of their humanity. The world crumbles, but in the final moments there is a hint that something new has arisen, that an evolution of a new world has begun. The album is a mix of heavy electronic landscapes, abstract sounds and traces of techno-driven beats. It has been described as 鈥渕oody and engrossing鈥 with an 鈥渋nnovative sequence structure鈥 and 鈥渟urprising sonic moments.鈥 Cover art by The Automatic Message. Mastered by Cristian Vogel.

饾尯 Endless Process

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